I want…


to smile because we have only one life,
to cry for the ones who deserve
to forgive my sins
to help my friends when they need me
to crow when I feel it
to break free \:d/
to dream the one I love
to fight when I’m down
to get what I deserve, and not what I want
to hear the sound of the silence
to hold my friends when they’re sad and when they have problems
to keep the memories alive
to learn to become somebody in this life
to overrun when I make a mistake
to see into everyone’s eyes
to run and never look back
to swim when it’s full moon
to think pink
to hug my parents when I come or when I leave home
to hate no one
to kill my time
to win my own trust
to dance with nature
to draw my soul
to sing all my life
to love and to be loved

and, of course, to continue this list…:)

and, to edit this post when I WANT to write more 🙂


Un gând despre ”I want…

  1. a1uritu zice:

    to don’t give a fuck
    to hate everybody
    to fuck em all …

    vezi eu completez lista … :)) desi sunt mai emo :))

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